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東京大学公共政策大学院 | GraSPP / Graduate School of Public Policy | The university of Tokyo

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Application Guidelines 2019 (PDF)

Four Key Steps of Admissions Procedures for AY2019

Step1: Preparation for the Online Application

  • Before entering to the application system, applicants must prepare PDF files of the original official documents.
  • If a transcript has both sides or several pages, or if the grading scale is explained on a separate documents or the website of your institutions, please combine them into a single file.

Step 2: Application Submission through the GraSPP Online Application System (GOAS)

GraSPP Online Application System (GOAS) User Guide for Applicants

Each applicant can only apply one program through the GOAS.

  • The original official documents must reach the Admissions Office through postal mail separately. Applicants in type (4) (with ADB and WB scholarships) are required to send them at the time of application. Applicants in types (1) and (2) (September enrollment and April enrollment) are required to send them only after shortlisted.
  • The submission deadline for referees is one day before the deadline for submission of application documents. You are encouraged to contact your referees well in advance since you cannot complete the online application without letters of reference.
  • For the sake of referees’ identification, the email addresses of the referees’ affiliations should be used whenever possible. If free email addresses such as Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail are used, please note that the Admissions Office will confirm the identities via phone or any other means.
  • The information of your reference will be submitted through the GOAS. If your referee can NOT submit the reference through the GOAS, please ask the referee to contact the Admissions Office via email. The applicant’s name and application number must be included in the email for efficient communication.

Step 3: Response Submission to Questions Set by GraSPP in Online Timed Video/Written Assessment System (Kira Talent)

  • The personalized link will be sent from Kira Talent after submission of the online application.

Step 4: Live Interview by Invitation Only

  • The Admissions Committee does not conduct a live interview to all applicants. If an interview is needed, The Admissions Office will contact the applicant directly.